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360 Family Mediation

      FEES (2023)



MIAM                                                £120


MEDIATION SESSION                          £120 per hour per person (remote)

                                                        £150 per hour per person (face to face)


DRAFTING DOCUMENTS                     £120 per hour per person.


  1. All prices above include VAT.

  2. All payments must be made before a mediation session or MIAM is held.

  3. All prices are per person.

  4. Mediation sessions last up to 90 minutes. 




The Government has introduced a voucher scheme which will entitle you to a maximum of £500 (£250 each person) towards your joint mediation sessions when the issue relates to children. That effectively means that about two sessions would be FREE to you.


The vouchers do not include the cost of a MIAM.


You will need to give your consent for an application for the vouchers to be made.

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